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Power Washing

The Best in Power Washing

Restoring Beauty and Shine to Your Home's Exterior

Power WashingWhether it is chimney soot in winter, dust and dirt in summer, or mildew & mold from rainy and humid weather,each season in Illinois brings unique forces that tarnish a home's exterior. Acid rain and strong ultraviolet light from the sun also cause stains and chalkiness on gutters and aluminum siding. While some of these issues merely affect a home's appearance, others can damage the home or even impact the health of the residents.

No matter the source and nature of the residue on your home exterior, our Power Washing Technicians can thoroughly clean your home exterior, restoring its beauty and protecting its value. Using commercial grade detergents and excellent pressure washing equipment and techniques, we kill growths to prevent recurring problems and remove debris without damaging the surfaces.

Experts recommend washing your home exterior at least once a year to maintain its beauty and health.

W.V.M.'s Power Washing Services Clean:

Power Washing

  • House Siding, Doors & Windows
  • Awnings
  • Decks, Patios & Fences
  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Garage Floors
  • Signs & Statues
  • Parking Areas

In addition to soot, dirt, mold, and mildew, we can remove graffiti and oil/grease stains.

Why Call on Us for Your Power Washing?

Power WashingNaturally, you want to keep your home safe by having any work performed by experienced professionals who stand by the quality of their work. When you call on the contractors at W.V.M. Painting you are getting just that, as we have over 15 years of experience and guarantee all of our work for 2 years. An inexperienced power washer can prove disastrous to your home, but with the service of our licensed and insured contractors you can rest easy that your home's exterior will be looking great in no time, without the risk.

Plaster & Drywall Repair Services

Why do plaster and drywall crack?

Home life is hard on walls; from kids' games to furniture movers, there are a thousand ways to dent, gouge, crack, and put holes through plaster and drywall. Time is another deteriorating factor. Additionally, water leaks and minor house fires can leave these surfaces in serious need of repair. Nearby sources of vibration, such as highways, train lines or blasting, can rattle walls and crack them over time. Finally, newer houses can shift and settle due to seasonally expanding and contracting soil, often causing diagonal cracks in drywall and plaster.

Plaster and Drywall Repair

Whatever the cause of the damage, W.V.M.'s plaster and drywall experts specialize in repairing the harm and restoring a uniform surface on interior walls, including matching existing textures. Using expert techniques and the finest plaster and drywall compounds, we can recreate a seamless surface so that, after painting, the previously damaged spots are indistinguishable from the rest of the wall.

Why Call on W.V.M. Painting for Your Drywall Repairs?

Drywall and plaster repairs are best left to professionals if you don't want to notice the damages, and this is exactly why you need the service of W.V.M.Painting. With more than 15 years of experience we have the skill set needed to handle all of your interior drywall and plaster repairs without incident and offer unblemished results that will be indiscernible from the rest of your wall. Keeping your home's interior attractive is a must and you can only do that if you have any damages repaired and color-matched by an experienced professional.

All of Our Work Benefits from the Following:

  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Color Matching
  • 15+ Years of Experience

Wallpaper Removal and Interior Painting


Interior PaintingFor many local homeowners, wallpaper is the bane of their existence.

Not only is it outdated, pointing back to decades far away in the rearview mirror, but homeowners like you also know that stripping it off will be one of the toughest projects they've ever tackled. That kills their motivation, keeping them stuck in a cycle of wallpaper loathing and resentment.

Now, before we sound too anti-wallpaper, we should add that there are some very stylish, modern options available that introduce warmth and character into a space. When we say "wallpaper" in a more negative sense, we're thinking of the unfortunate patterns and colors that belong in your grandparents' den, not the trendy styles making their way back into modern homes.

This all raises an important question, and maybe it's one you've grappled with personally.

Should You Remove Wallpaper Yourself Or Hire a Professional?

Successfully stripping wallpaper requires time, patience, the right tools and products, and proper technique as well. Because of this, we recommend hiring a professional. You can dive into the process yourself, but it's often more of a headache than it's worth. And, you run the risk of gouging and damaging your walls, subsequently creating a new host of issues.

Contacting your local painting company for help preserves your sanity just as much as your drywall.

Erasing the Ghosts of Styles Past

Interior PaintingSloppy, sticky, frustrated and exhausted, many homeowners wish they had never begun removing their wallpaper, long before the project is over! Anyone who has tried to remove old wallpaper can testify to how difficult and unpleasant a task it is. But before you try to convince yourself that the faded floral print or the tropical beach scene isn't so bad after all, consider calling in a professional.

W.V.M. Painting has many years of experience in removing even the toughest wall coverings. Using unique tools and an enzyme-based spray, our specialists can take the mess and headache out of the wallpaper removal, leaving behind a fresh slate for your creative designs.

Once the paper is removed, we always ensure that all previous adhesives are washed away. If the area is going to be repainted, our painting experts can perform any necessary repairs and use specialty coatings to completely seal out any residue that might still be left behind. Then, you are ready for a problem-free paint job, and that previous wallpaper will be nothing but a distant memory!

Should You Stick with Wallpaper, or Replace It with Interior Paint?

Interior PaintingAs we mentioned above, there are some gorgeous wallpaper options out there that can be pretty tempting. At the end of the day, the choice is yours!

  • We, however, personally think interior painting is the way to go, and here are a few compelling reasons why:
  • You aren't stuck with paint. Wallpaper, on the other hand, is a commitment! Paint can be updated and customized as needed, keeping your options open in case creativity strikes.
  • Price. Professional painting is often more cost-effective than professional wallpaper installation, which is actually a quite specialized service.
  • Touch-ups are simpler! Sure, they require a skilled hand and some know-how, but overall touching up interior paint is a breeze compared to dealing with marred, damaged wallpaper.
  • Durability! With the right product choice and a skillful application, paint is a rugged ally in your home. In harsh environments, it's a more practical option than wallpaper too, and particularly in those spaces (like bathrooms) where elevated moisture levels are a real concern.
  • As we mentioned above, the choice is ultimately yours. That's the fun of owning your own home! If you do find yourself needing help with wallpaper removal or interior painting, we hope you'll contact us at W.V.M. Painting. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

Why You Want Us for Your Wallpaper Removal Project

When it comes to having your wallpaper removed, you want to make certain that the results don't' leave behind sticky residues that can get in the way of painting or applying new paper, tiles, or other improvements. The team at W.V.M. Painting has years of experience serving LaSalle County and surrounding areas, and as a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in the quality of our service and the reputation that we have earned. For results that are guaranteed, you need to rely on the fast, friendly service, of our professional contractors.

  • 2 year Guarantee
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • Locally-Owned and Operated

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